Have you ever wondered how top culinary professionals make it look so easy?

Work alongside Founder Catherine Dubois and Culinary Director Nigel Didcock as they share their food knowledge and savoir faire to help you build your confidence in the kitchen. Book a private workshop with family, friends, or colleagues, and start your culinary adventure!



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Make food fun again with our hands-on cooking workshops. Pick from one of our option below, or send us a suggestion and get cooking today!

Flatbread Fiesta

3H Workshop

Bouillabaisse Workshop & Dinner

3H Workshop & Dinner

Back to Basics

3h workshop

Meat & Poultry

3H Workshop

Fish & Shellfish

3h Workshop

Salads & Dressings

3h Workshop

Want to try something new with your friends? Surprise your colleagues with a unique team building experience? Or simply learn new skills in the kitchen? Book a one-of-a-kind cooking workshop with French Michelin-Trained Chef Nigel Didcock and Founder Catherine Dubois for an experience you will always remember. 

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