Each of our services are catered to providing guests with a unique culinary experience based on seasonal availability and our chef’s inspirations. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide our guests with the finests culinary services, and work with you to create a memorable evening.

See our list of services below, and contact us to begin your next culinary adventure.


Fine Dining

8 - 12 people

Our most popular private dining option. We pull out all the stops with the crême de la crême of dinner parties. Sharing a lifetime of culinary & hospitality knowledge, we let you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ultimate experience in the art of entertaining. From Michelin Star food to our unique dining venues, every detail is perfected.

Tapas / Reception

12 - 25 people

A creative and fun dining option, bringing life to the social aspect of food and dining. Using the very best ingredients, our guests indulge in artistic tapas food pairings with vibrant tastes while engaged in conversation during an evening of elegance.



2 - 12 people

Work alongside founder Catherine Dubois and culinary director Nigel Didcock as they share their food knowledge and savoir faire to help you build your confidence in the kitchen. Book a private workshop with family, friends, or colleagues, and start your culinary adventure!


Hands-On DINnERS

2 - 8 people

The ultimate culinary experience. Up close and personal with the hustle and bustle of real restaurant life. Prepare a tailored 3-course menu with your Nous & Vous hosts. Learn the tips and tricks of the industry and conclude the evening by treating yourself to the fruits of your labour.



Bring the Nous & Vous experience to your home. From local trips to unique destinations around the globe, we will cater a unique experience wherever life takes you.


** Due to the bespoke nature of our services, our prices are dependent on seasonal availability as well as the extensiveness of the service. **

For a quote, please contact us.